1、therefore 意为“因此,所以”,是副词,可放在句首,句中。一般是推断得到的必然结果。例如:I was ill,and therefore could not come. 2、consequently 意为“因此,所以,终于”,也是副词,放句首的话后面要加个逗号。一般表示符合逻辑得到的...

So, there, so as to, in order to

表示“因为”: for as since because in that because of ; owing to ; on account of ; as a result of 表示“结果” as a result finally at last in the end end up with as a consequence of

1、owing to:由于,因为; 多亏; 造句:He was out of work owing to a physical injury 他因为受伤而失业了。 2、since:自从; 从…以来;自从…之后; 造句:Jacques Arnold has been a member of parliament since 1987 雅克·阿诺德自1987年以来...

下面这些都很常见: due to owing to thanks to because of as a result of on account of 祝你开心如意!

因此的英文短语两词 so that

a bunch of, a great number of all/different kinds of with a variety of a lot of

提交:hand in 因此:so..... because .... it is XXX that result in.....(强调句型) The reason why that... ...for...(for引导的因果状语从句)

therefore thereby thus hence accordingly so

你好 按照态度由强到弱 demand (that) sb (should) do sth ask sb to do sth request sb to do sth beg to do 望采纳

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